Get Credentialed Steadfast with ASP-RCM Solutions Team

  • Streamline your paperwork and follow up with payer
  • Timely Follow up by our dedicated team on application
  • Get Periodic updates to know your status of application
  • The Primary Phases of Provider Credentialing

Our three phases of Provider credentialing that will accelerate your practice to Optimize financial planning

Documentation Phase

Our Credentialing Experts will discuss all the payer requirement for a credentialing application and capture all the information to fill the form. This includes your background, licenses, education, etc. you may submit the information in a questionnaire through email as well.

Application Review Phase & Follow up

We understand that the insurance company will do the background work for majority of the Credentialing application being submitted, they will also request additional information through licensing agencies, medical schools, and other entities to verify the clinician or provider information.
Our Credentialing Expert will review all the necessary fields in the application form and ensure that all the supporting documents being sent along with the Credentialing application form.
We also do periodic follow up with Insurance to ensure that the Credentialing application received or not. Besides, we also provide governance status of your application so that you will get to know the status of your Credentialing application.

Credentialing completed Phase with Contract Negotiation

Effective Contract Negotiation is a vital role in the last phase of Credentialing
After Our organization follow up with insurance, Payer will authorize a provider as credentialed. will be credentialed with the payer.
Our Team will review with on the Credentialed application to provide the recommendation on fee schedule provided by payer.
We will also educate providers whether to agree with the fee schedule or negotiate the fee schedule with payers.