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    Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Services

    The balance between clinical services and financial sustainability is a challenge for hospitals. Understanding and mastering the hospital’s revenue cycle management is crucial. ASP-RCM can streamline your revenue cycle and let you concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care.​ 

    Problems like low to negative margins, unpredictable cash flows, and high finance costs require a differentiated approach to RCM. Outstanding accounts receivable, high denial rates, decrease in payer reimbursements, and healthcare compliance impede progress toward the financial health of hospitals and health systems. Hospitals can achieve favorable KPIs in their P&L, cashflow, and balance sheet through driving RCM metrics such as GCR, NCR, DNFB, denial rates, days in AR, aging, etc.,​

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    ASP-RCM Solutions: Expertise in RCM Services​​

    ASP-RCM is a leading  provider of RCM services working with hospitals and health systems of various sizes. Our services are data-driven, designed to accelerate cash flow and improve RCM performance. Working with us, hospitals can get the best ROI, service structure and transparency, and continuous improvement in results. Over the years, we have become trusted partners with our clients. ​

    RCM Solutions For Hospitals

    Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

    Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management for a Wide Variety of Medical Specialities

    ASP-RCM Solutions offers vast experience in medical billing services and revenue cycle management for various medical disciplines, including anesthesiology, cardiology, and radiology. We are aware that every medical item is distinct and, as such, has particular requirements that the revenue cycle management and billing procedures must meet. At ASP-RCM, we take great satisfaction in being intimately familiar with your area of medicine to offer your practice the best value. Among our specialties are, but are not restricted to:
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    We Specialize in Multiple Payers

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    Security and Compliance

    At ASP-RCM, data security is not subject to negotiation. We are proud to hold the ISO 27001:2013 certification, a globally recognized standard for information security management systems, certified by TUV Rheinland.

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