Eliminate Claim Denials and Boost Your Revenue with Our
Denial Management Services

Our services help you identify the root cause of claim denials, analyze them efficiently, and resolve them quickly to optimize your income and financial performance. Let us help you take control of your claims management process.

Maximize Revenue and Minimize Denials with Our Denial Management Services

ASP-RCM Solutions Delivers unique denial management services that address many healthcare accounts receivable needs. Our technology-driven workflow processes through Workgenie provide improved accuracy, higher output, and proven efficiencies — at significantly reduced costs. With deep expertise in billing, collecting, resolving, and managing AR, our customized solutions cut through the complexity of claims submission and account resolution. Our root cause analysis improves operational excellence. ASP-RCM Solutions are scalable for quick and easy access to a large pool of qualified healthcare experts who work directly in all systems.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Delinquent  Claims: Identify neglected claims and log into the payer’s website for resolution steps.
  • Denial Management: Retrieve and analyze denial documents for corrective action and preventive action 


  • AR Follow-Up: Consistently track the status of delinquent claims and denials.
  • Zero Remittance: Investigate claims that result in zero payment and resolve discrepancies.
  • Waystar Denials: Utilize Waystar’s analytics for targeted denial management.
  • Payment EOBs: Regularly check for Explanation of Benefits to reconcile payments.
  • Appeals: Collect more candid information to support the appeal, which may increase the claim amount.  

By partnering with ASP-RCM Solutions, you can expect:

Take Control of Your Denials Today!

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At ASP-RCM, data security is not subject to negotiation. We are proud to hold the ISO 27001:2013 certification, a globally recognized standard for information security management systems, certified by TUV Rheinland.

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