Job Categories : Manager (Coding)
 Job Types : Full Time
 Job Locations:Chennai, India
Minimum experience: 15-20 Years
Requirements : 1


Manager – Coding will have at least 15 years of in-depth experience in US hospital and physician coding. The candidate must have experience and expertise in Operations management, Transition, Solution Development, Pre-sales, Process Enhancement, Client Relationship Management, Team Handling, Hiring, and Training. They should have proven ability in setting quality standards and implementing quality systems to enable a high-quality customer experience.

The objective of this position is to nurture and grow the organization’s medical coding practice.

Experience: Inpatient, outpatient, specialty, ER, SNF, Clinic, DME.


  • Supports the sales team and participates in solutions design based on prospects’ stated needs.
  • Manages the daily, short-term and long-term deliverables of the coding team, provides leadership support, and ensures efficiency, quality and effectiveness.
  • Meets with the coders on a periodic basis to review performance and expectations.
  • Updates any new coding guidelines or changes that may be a result of an audit.
  • Applying the appropriate diagnostic and procedural codes to individual patient health information as conveyed by clinical members of the medical, nursing and ancillary staff.
  • Validating the ICD-10-CM codes and DRG assignment appropriateness to ensure consistency and efficiency in inpatient claims processing and data collection to optimize DRG reimbursement and facilitating data quality in hospital inpatient services
  • Ensures the appropriate dissemination and communication of regulatory, policy, and guideline changes.
  • Designs and implements systems and methods to improve data accessibility. Identifies, assesses, and resolves problems. Prepares management reports.
  • Develops and coordinates educational and training programs regarding elements of the coding compliance program such as appropriate documentation and accurate coding.
  • Conducts and oversees coding audit efforts and coordinates monitoring of coding accuracy and documentation adequacy.
  • Reports noncompliance issues detected through auditing and monitoring, the nature of corrective action plans, and the results of follow-up audits to management.
  • Reviews claim denials and rejections pertaining to coding and medical necessity issues and, when necessary, implements corrective action plan (such as educational programs) to prevent similar denials and rejections from recurring.



  • Should have multispeciality coding experience
  • Knowledge in CDI will be an added advantage
  • Medical coding certification through either AAPC or AHIMA: CPC/COC/CIC/CCS.
  • Strong understanding of healthcare principles and concepts.
  • Good at creating SOPs Process mapping.
  • Strong Client interaction and Management Skills.
  • Good Communication Skills, Analytical Skills and Interpersonal Skills

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