Job  Categories : Charge Entry
Job Types : Full Time
Job Locations:Chennai, India
Requirements :
Receipt of documents – superbills, charge tickets, and associated clinical documentation via an FTP server, EHR, or document management system

    • Recording the patient demographic information, date of service, billing provider, referring healthcare provider, Point of Service, data and time of admission, ICD/CPT codes, number of units, and modifiers.
    • Workflow automation to provide daily reporting to the customers and facilitate collaboration to ensure compliance to timely filing norms
    • Review of imported charges for accuracy before billing
    • SQC (Statistical Quality Control) to review the quality of the process through a random audit
    • Adherence to pre-defined provider-specific rules for different specialties and services rendered
    • Review of any pending or held documents with the client daily to reduce any backlog
    • We also perform charge audit services to identify any missed charges, instances of over-billing, and medical coding errors

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